Offshore Wind Corrosion

Vandervelde Protection has partnered with De Oude Bibliotheek Academy to organize a 1 day course focussed on Offshore Wind Corrosion.

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Offshore wind is becoming one of the world’s major energy sources, with many countries relying on its produced electricity. Therefore, the reliability and durability of offshore wind turbines are of the utmost importance. During this one day course, participants will gain insights in how corrosion effects the offshore wind turbines. For this, micro-biological and chloride corrosion are evaluated as main drivers for offshore corrosion. Several methods to protect the structure against corrosion are evaluated, such as cathodic protection and coatings, and real-world cases are discussed. To hand over this knowledge, the lectures will be given by experts from Vandervelde Protection BV-, a leading Dutch company in the field of cathodic protection with more than 80 years of experience in protection against corrosion. Guest lectures from Deltares, Bjond and Smart AIS complement the course. An introduction to the offshore structures is given first, followed by seven in-depth lectures provided by industry experts. These lectures will be accompanied by several demonstrations and real-world cases to put the theory into practice.

Check out the course website and come join us!

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