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About Vandervelde Protection

Since 1937 Vandervelde Protection has been the leading Dutch company in the field of cathodic protection and antifouling.

Our history

At first we concentrated our efforts on the development of the Vandervelde electrolytic water treatment, also known as the Guldager electrolytic system. This system prevents corrosion and hard scaling in water containing circuits, i.e. cold and warm supplies, central heating and cooling water systems, steam boilers, de-aerators and feed tanks. As a result of extended research and experimental work, the Vandervelde antifouling system was developed. This is a special technique which prevents the growth of algae and shellfish in cooling water systems.

After the Second World War Vandervelde Protection broadened its field of activities with the cathodic protection of buried or submerged metal structures. It was the first company in The Netherlands solely devoted to corrosion control by cathodic protection. The pioneer work performed by our company is partly responsible for the present state of reliability for this method. Since then, the company has designed and installed cathodic protection systems not only in The Netherlands, but all over the world. Our systems have successfully prevented corrosion in thousands of projects, ranging from small underground storage tanks to tank farms, buried pipeline systems for the transport of oil, water, gas, sewage etc., harbour facilities and offshore constructions.


Our expertise

Most of Vandervelde Protection’s employees have a long service record with the company. They are highly motivated, experienced, and have an up-to-date knowledge of corrosion protection methods and techniques related to cathodic protection. We have specialized in port and offshore facilities, such as jetties, piers, quays and offshore platforms. Vandervelde Protection cooperates closely with technical consultancy institutions and companies all over the world. When necessary, Dutch science institutes such as Delft University of Technology or TNO are consulted.

Our activities

Vandervelde Protection employs highly motivated and greatly experienced staff who have a long service record with our company and an up-to-date knowledge of anti-corrosion techniques related to cathodic protection. Our range of activities includes:

  • Pre-construction survey
  • Consultancy
  • System design
  • Materials supply
  • Supervision
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring

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