Vandervelde Protection

Cathodic protection & antifouling

Vandervelde Protection has been the leading Dutch company in the field of cathodic protection and antifouling since 1937. We protect steel structures and ships against corrosion, thus extending their lifetime, increasing their up-time and reducing the costs for our customers.

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Vandervelde Protection’s services

Vandervelde Protection offers two categories of services: cathodic protection and antifouling. Both categories reduce the cost for our customers, because they increase the lifetime of their assets, while they require less maintenance. Read more about our services.

Cathodic protection services

Vandervelde Protection offers a wide range of cathodic protection services. Together, these services protect steel structures, such as jetties, quays and piers against corrosion. This extends their lifetime and reduces maintenance and thus expenses for our clients. Read more about our cathodic protection services or have a look at some of our projects.

Antifouling products and services

Antifouling protects ships against all kinds of organisms that affect the performance of a ship. Our products and services prevent the growth of these organisms, thereby maintaining the efficiency of our clients’ ships. Read more about our antifouling products and services.

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