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A heavy duty cathodic protection system

In 1994 Vandervelde Protection completed the installation of one of the largest impressed current cathodic protection systems in the world.

About the storm surge barrier

Eastern Schelde storm surge barrier

Aluminum-bronze guiding (sliding) strips in 62 sliding gates, which are the most important storm surge barriers in the Delta project, were subject to severe corrosion. Investigations and tests, carried out in close cooperation with our company, proved that this active corrosion could be stopped by using a cathodic protection system.

Harsh conditions

Unfortunately, the cathodic protection system is subject to extreme environmental conditions such as strong tidal-floatation and must also be able to resist the enormous power of waves which beat against the surge barrier during storms. Skill and a great deal of experience were essential when realizing a proper design and a correct choice of proven materials.

An extensive cathodic protection system 

The complete cathodic protection system consists of 248 metaloxide anodes, 248 reference electrodes and 124 automatically controlled rectifier units, providing a total current of approximately 6000 Ampere.

Eastern Schelde storm surge barrier from above.