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Vandervelde Protection is active in the cathodic protection (CP) for all possible applications. Arequirement to apply CP is that a circuit is created with:

– An electric (metallic) contact between the surface to be protected and the rectifier or sacrificial anode

and with

– An electrolytic (in water or moist soil) contact between the rectifier or sacrificial anode and the surface to be protected.

For this reason it is not possible to protect surfaces without electrolyte contact. This makes it impossible to protect steel surfaces above the liquid surface or the external tank surface above ground. A suitable coating can prevent atmospheric corrosion.

Vandervelde Protection is active in the design, delivery, installation, monitoring and maintenance of CP systems for a wide range of applications as:

–         External CP of buried pipelines

–         External CP of buried tanks

–         Internal CP of tanks

–         CP applications offshore

Apart from the design and delivery of complete CP systems, Vandervelde Protection can also deliver the required CP materials.

Buried pipelines

for the transport of oil, gas, water, chemical products etc.

Storage tanks (external)

Oil tanks – mounded storage LPG – water tanks >>

Tanks (internal)

Sprinkler tanks – filter tanks

Offshore constructions

Jetties – harbours (sheet piling) – oil platforms – sluices >>

storm surge barrier Eastern Schelde

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