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The activities of Vandervelde Protection are directed at cathodic protection for all possible applications, stray current measurements and mitigation, and anti fouling.

In cathodic protection, Vandervelde Protection is active in the design, delivery, installation, monitoring and maintenance of cathodic protection systems for all kinds of applications as external or internal CP of underground pipelines and tanks and CP applications offshore. Apart from the design and delivery of complete CP systems, Vandervelde Protection can also deliver separate CP materials.

Need more information? Send us an email at vdv@vandervelde.nl

 PRE-CONSTRUCTION SURVEYS:  soilresistivity measurements – pipeline coating surveys  by pearson or DCVG measurements
 CONSULTANCY  by qualified specialists
 SYSTEM DESIGN  the complete system






 sacrificial anodes: aluminium – magnesium – zinc

 impressed current: – platinized titanium – iron silicon –  mixed metal oxide

 electrical fittings: junction boxes – splice kits – line taps – insulating tapes – sealing compounds

 pipeline: flange insulating sets – insulating couplings –  casing end seals and thinsulators –

 reference electrodes: copper/copper sulphate –  silver/silver chloride – zinc

 test posts: concrete – stainless steel

 transformer rectifiers: manual or automatic, for any  supply voltage and for all conditions

 welding: thermit and pinbrazing equipment

  SUPERVISION  on site
  INSTALLATION  by specialists
  MAINTENANCE:  on/off potential measurements – close interval potential  surveys (CIPS) – pearson or DCVG surveys – stray  current interference surveys –   soil resistivity measurements – trouble shouting surveys


Need more information? Send us an email at vdv@vandervelde.nl