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Vandervelde Protection is specialized in the design, delivery, installation, monitoring and maintenance of cathodic protection systems for many applications. You can find more information by clicking on one of the links on the sidebar on your right.


Cathodic protection with impressed current system

For this system the required protection current is to be taken from a direct current source. This current is fed into the soil or water through anodes made of inert materials which do not or barely corrode like high-Silicon Iron, Platinised Titanium or mixed metal oxides. The current source can be an accumulator for example, but a transformer rectifier unit is usually used. The main advantages of the impressed current system are the wide range of applications and relative simple control. When designed properly, these installations may have a very long and maintenance-free service life.


Cathodic protection with sacrificial anodes

For this system the protection current is delivered by the sacrifice of the anode metal itself. In this case, galvanic anodes or so-called active sacrificial anode types are used. These anodes are manufactured from metals less noble than steel – such as Magnesium, Aluminium or Zinc. Sacrificial anodes can be applied in a saline environment and are often applied to protect smaller projects.


Factors that influence the choice between galvanic anodes or an impressed current system are:

economical considerations

presence of stray currents

availability of electrical power supply

construction lay-out

presence of other structures



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